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Vacant Block Slashing Geraldton

At LVC Contracting, we are a professional land management company specializing in vacant block slashing in Geraldton and surrounding areas.

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High-quality Vacant Block Slashing Services

If you have a vacant block of land that needs regular maintenance, our team can help. We provide high-quality slashing services to keep your property looking neat and tidy.

Our team is equipped with state-of-the-art mowing equipment and has the experience and expertise to handle any vacant block slashing in Geraldton, no matter how big or small. We can work with you to create a customized plan for your property, ensuring that it is well-maintained and free of overgrown grass and weeds.

Why Have Your Vacant Block or Land Slashed Regularly?

There are several reasons why it is important to have your vacant block of land slashed on a regular basis:


Overgrown grass and weeds can make a property look unkempt and uninviting. Regular slashing can help keep your property looking neat and tidy.

Fire Prevention

Dry grass and weeds can be a fire hazard, particularly in areas with hot and dry climates. Regular slashing can help reduce the risk of fires on your property.

Pest Control

Overgrown grass and weeds can provide a breeding ground for pests such as rodents and insects. Regular slashing can help prevent pest infestations on your property.

Compliance with Regulations

In some areas, there may be regulations requiring property owners to maintain their land and keep it free of overgrown vegetation. Regular slashing can help you comply with these regulations and avoid potential fines.

Property Value

A well-maintained property is more likely to be valued higher than one that is overgrown and unkempt. Regular slashing can help maintain the value of your property.

Overall, regular vacant block slashing can help keep your property looking its best and free of potential hazards.

Block Slashing Geraldton

Our Vacant Block Slashing Geraldton Process

The process of vacant block land clearing typically involves the following steps:

Overall, the process of vacant block slashing involves assessment, planning, and regular maintenance to keep your property looking its best.

Is Vacant Block Slashing The Same as Land Clearing Services?

Land clearing and vacant block slashing in Geraldton are similar in that both include the removal of vegetation from a land area. The method of trimming and attempting to remove overgrown weeds and grass from land that isn’t being used or is vacant is commonly referred to as vacant block slashing. This is frequently done to keep the property’s appearance and safety. Land clearing, on the other hand, is a more thorough process that entails the removal of all land cover, as well as all other structures or debris, from a land area in order to prepare for development or other use. Land clearing can be a much more involved and time-consuming process than vacant block slashing, requiring the use of heavy machinery and specialised equipment.

Other Services Related to Vacant Block Slashing

In addition to our vacant block slashing services, we also offer a range of other land management services. These include weed control, fertilization, general property and lawn and garden maintenance

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